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Ms. Rosy is the mastermind that founded Radical Image Consulting. She is the first International certified Image Consultant in south India from AICI USA. Rosy's mission is to aid her clients to achieve their personal or professional goals. She wants Image Management to reach everyone, and it is not just for Elites.


She works on people's Appearance, Behaviour, and Communication to enhance their personal brand. But Personal Brand without a strong foundation of Inner confidence will go in vain. Thus, she decided to tap her client’s potential with their inner strength.


She believes that a Perfect Combination of Mindfulness, Social Behaviours, Precise Communication complimented by an attire that matches your personality is required to reach a certain level of success.

Rosy believes in “each one of us is UNIQUE”, everyone requires a selective combination of coaching and training to bring about the version of oneself. 

Rosy Iyenkutty.jpg
rosy iyenkutty.jpg

Rosy's forte is not only to train people on the curriculum but also to focus more on the implementation part of it. Being in the corporate world for more than 15 years and working among several people all over the world, Rosy adds in her experience as real-life examples to her customers.


This leads to a far reach in customers' ability to grasp concepts and impacts their life positively. Rosy believes that her success depends on her client’s success.

Rosy uses her coaching techniques, Training Skills, and Motivation skills as a value add to her image consulting work. She has the knack for bringing out her client’s needs and focusing more on the area where her client needs improvement. 

Thus, resulting in a radical boost in her client’s confidence and leading them to success. Rosy is an excellent motivational speaker and handled several corporate events, Public Speaking, Seminars, webinars, workshops, and training sessions. It is her passion to positively impact anyone she gets acquainted with.


It all started with One portfolio on Image Management, but Rosy has expanded her wings to Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling, Training, Public Speaking and so on. Along with her team she has conducted Several trainings across the globe. Our Client’s Testimonial Speak for us. Do visit for the various offerings from Radical Image Consulting Pvt Ltd.



  • Internationally Certified Image Consultant

  • Advanced Soft Skills Trainer

  • Certified Career counselor

  • Diploma in Counselling Psychologist

  • ICF Certified Women Empowerment Coach

  • ICF Certified Personal Development Coach

  • ICF Certified Relationship Coach

  • POSH Enabler

  • Motivational Speaker

  • President of Women’s Professional Connect – Chennai

  • Secretary of lions club Chennai Jasmine

  • Member of Inner Wheel Club – Chennai

  • Masters in Psychology

  • 17 years of experience in the Coaching & Training Industry

  • Awarded as the best entrepreneur of the year 2022

  • Awarded for Personality Development Training 2022


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