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It takes courage to seek help. Deciding to seek help is halfway through so solve the issue.

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Personal Counselling for Depression and Other issues

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, or stress? If so, our personal counselling sessions may be just what you need. Our experienced counsellors can provide you with the support and guidance you need to overcome these challenges. 

Benefits of our personal counselling sessions include: 

-Improved mental health and well-being 

-Reduced stress and anxiety levels 

-Improved coping skills 


If you're ready to take the first step towards improving your mental health, book a personal counselling session today. Our customers say they've never felt better, and we're confident you will too.


Book an appointment today and get started on your road to recovery.

Relationship Counselling

Are you struggling in your relationship? Do you feel like you're constantly fighting with your partner? If so, relationship counseling may be a great option for you. Here at Relationship Counseling, we can help you work through your issues and improve your relationship. 

We offer a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your relationship, and our experienced counselors can provide guidance and advice. 

Benefits of relationship counseling include: 

- improved communication and conflict resolution skills 

- greater understanding of your partner 

- increased intimacy and connection

If you're ready to improve your relationship,  book an appointment online using the Book now button. Our customers are saying great things about us, check out our reviews below.

Job interview

Career Guidance & Psychometric Test

Looking for a career that's a good fit for you or your Child? Struggling to choose which career path is best for your children or yourself? If so, Our career guidance service may be a great option for you. 

Career counselling is essentially a psychosocial process, which helps the individual to make suitable career choices. Our professional team will evaluate the candidate's abilities and skills and then provide guidance on selecting appropriate subjects for education based on their personality traits.

We can help you find the right path based on your unique personality and interests.

  • What is Professional counselling?
    A Professional Counselling is a Joint effort between the counsellor and you. Our Certified Counsellors help you to identify your goals and possible solutions to issues which is reason for your emotional turmoil; You can seek us to improve communication with others and coping skills in the environment; strengthening your self-esteem; and promoting behavioural change and optimal mental health by working on your thoughts, Your Stem of beliefs, Your Feelings, your behaviours and Needs & Wants.
  • What is not Counselling?
    It is not about giving advice or suggestions but making you a self-helper or a self-Mentor and empower yourself. Counselling will also foresee and be proactive about your issues and make decisions on your own. It’s not about telling what is right and what is not. Suggestions or Advice makes you dependent on others. We ensure you are not dependent on anyone and even to the counsellor that guides you.
  • Who is a Professional counsellor?
    A Professional counsellor is a Certified, Qualified person in psychological Guidance & Counselling. Our Professional counsellors are trained to listen, Understand and offer help. Our professional counsellor utilizes Experiences, Proven tools, scientific knowledge, and skills to empower you to take charge of your emotional or mental health. We empower you to cope with your Anxiety issues, depression, stress and any life crises.
  • Why is Professional counselling required?
    As we all believe ourselves to be strong, independent on dealing with day-by-day challenges in life, At times things will be overwhelming and seeking some sort of assistance is a practical option to cope up. Seeking help at the time of a need is viewed as a sign of strength and courage.
  • Why is it wrong to speak to a friend/well-wisher or elders?
    Well, even though they are important people in our lives, there are many limitations to this approach. Though it may resolve to some extent, friends or elders may not be listening very carefully and end up giving advice that can harm the relationship rather than being helpful. What you think is right and what others are wrong is highly contextual and an expert can only understand it. It's possible that they may influence their belief systems, values, and judgements upon you and may take sides. The worst part is they can be biased since they know you well.
  • How can Professional counselling help you?
    Professional counselling helps you with various aspects & different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving to resolve conflicts, problems, losses or issues in your life.
  • What are the Ethical Practices of Professional counselling?
    A Professional Counselling is voluntary, and you must have the willingness to undergo the session. We respect your privacy and Autonomy. We maintain strict confidentiality. Our professional counsellors will not share their personal values, views and or influence on their opinions about right or wrong situations. We guide you in scientific facts. We do not reveal your identity and reveal counselling discussions to anyone. Our Counsellors are progressive and are culturally sensitive, we avoid any act that harms our clients. Counsellor and Client relationship is always to be professional only. Our counsellors do not condone or engage in any discrimination based on age, Color, gender, cultural, disabilities, sexual orientation, religion, and Caste. If a situation may arise that our counsellors are not able to help you, we may refer to competent professionals. Please refer to our ethics page for more details.
  • Who will benefit the most from counselling?
    Individuals whose efforts have so far not worked to fix their issues and voluntarily look for help from counsellors are the most benefited. Again, Counselling is not a platform to advise on what you should be doing in your present situation. Counselling doesn’t Quick Fix issues. It’s a progressing process between the client and a Trained mental health professional. It’s a co-create process where a good commitment is required towards a counselling approach from the client and their family members that can yield excellent results. You are the master of your situation. So we help you to take charge of that.
  • What may happen if you delay seeking professional help?
    According to various research, it is proven that delays may cause magnifying the issues or conflicts without their consent resulting in sabotaging their life and lives of their loved ones.
  • What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Professional Counsellor?
    They both deal with mental health issues, but the focus of treatment differs. Psychiatrists are medical doctors with M.D. in Psychiatry / Diploma in Psychological Medicine (DPM) and they prescribe medicines in the treatment of mental disorders as required. A professional counsellor is a psychologist who can define problems and identify the barriers that prevent them from clear thinking. The counsellor limelight those barriers and works with the individual’s mental health by working on the thoughts, emotions and behaviours to develop proactive and objective solutions to problems. Psychiatrists and professional counselors may team up together in the treatment process for better results for various psychological issues such as addictions, depression and anxiety that require medications.
  • How many sessions will be required to help the client?
    It is based on various factors. However we leave it to the discretion of the client. Clients can choose to book appointments when he/she wants a session.
  • Why would we need a counsellor to resolve conflicts? Why can’t we work it out on your own?
    Usually when couples or family members face any conflicts, they try to resolve it by talking within themselves. When there are too many issues or conflicts, things may escalate and talking with them becomes an argument if the other person doesn’t accept what you believe is right. If this approach doesn’t work they talk to a common friend or elders to resolve it. There are many limitations to this approach. Though it may resolve to some extent, friends or elders may not be listening very carefully and end up giving advice that can harm the relationship rather than being helpful.
  • Why doesn’t the counsellor have joint sessions ? Is there anything wrong with it?
    Though Joint sessions were traditionally followed, the rate of success is less than 50%. This is as per research done worldwide. Our counsellors are trainers with an approach which believes that a relationship is a private affair and no one, not even the counsellor should enter it and so our role is to help you to own your relationship and make it better. Our sessions are 100% Confidential by entering into a joint session that is compromised. Since both the parties are present, it will be a point of block to open up about their feelings, thoughts, behaviour etc. usually they end up conversing socially accepted things and that doesn’t not serve the purpose of having marital counselling. In Joint sessions many have felt hurtful just because the other said bad things about them and they must undergo a trauma. So that concludes joint sessions are most harmful and do not help. The counsellors are seen taking bias when they empathize with the other parties which they would lose the confidence in resolving the issue. Our counsellor follows Teleology (a school of thought in ethics) which says “what is right and wrong” is based on the consequences and contexts. There is no absolute standard of what is right. We will help you to have a non-judgmental view about your partner and thereby increase the chances of a harmonious relationship.
  • How long or how many sessions will be required to achieve a harmonious relationship?
    Several factors involved in this. It requires a minimum of 1 to 2 sessions for each person in that relationship to make it harmonious. But only after a few sessions, you would be able to see the changes in the behaviour. The first few sessions are utilized to work on emotions and thoughts because changes in behaviour will be permanent only if there are changes in emotions and thoughts. It may take some time to have changes in emotions and thoughts and that’s why you need to be patient until the process is complete. You can choose to make an appointment according to your convenience. You will be paying for one session only at a time. If you need further sessions, you can book.
  • What will happen in those sessions?
    Our counsellors will listen to you completely without any bias and empathize. Further we will assess your personality. Assessing your personality is done because what works for one person will not work for the other person. Based on your personality, the counsellor will either work on your thoughts or feelings or behaviour. We won’t provide any joint sessions and our counsellors will not advise what is right and wrong. Instead, we will make you understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in the relationship and rectify it on your own. Our Counsellor believes in empowering the clients to own the marriage/relationship and thereby resolve issues in the way that is realistic for them. Further sessions are for follow-ups and ensure the maintenance of the new behaviour and no triggers can make you feel bad or get into deeper issues in the relationship.
  • Will the counselor meet children with special needs and people having psychological disorders?
    No. He would meet only people having day-to-day issues/emotional issues. Special Educators deal with children with special needs and Clinical Psychologists help people having psychological disorders.
  • Only one family member or partner is willing to come for counselling. Is it mandatory for both parties to come for counselling?
    No, It is completely fine. Even if one person or family member comes, it is possible to work on the relationship. Book the appointment slot and come online for counselling.


1. Informed Consent

Entering a professional counselling session with us is always voluntary. You have the complete freedom to choose if you want to enter counselling or remain in a counselling relationship. You may ask for required information about the counselling process and the counsellor. Counselling is done only with your willingness. During Counselling if you feel like ending the session, we respect your decision and will not urge you to continue the session. We have published all the information about the counsellor on our website.

2. Your Privacy / Our Confidentiality

We understand the importance of your privacy no matter what your age may be, creed, Color or sexual orientation. We will not influence you with our personal views and values. We do not share confidential information without your consent or without a strong legal or ethical justification.


We can reveal the information only under 2 important circumstances:

1. In the event that the client is likely to harm himself / others.

2. An order from the court of law (and not lawyers or anybody else).

We ensure that records are kept in a secure location and that only authorized persons have access to records. When consulting with peers, we do not disclose confidential information that is personally identifiable.

3. Developmental and Cultural Sensitivity

We communicate information in ways that are both developmentally and culturally appropriate. We understand if you face any difficulties in understanding our conversation during the counselling session. We recognize that culture affects the way your problems are defined. Your socio-economic and cultural experiences are considered during the  counselling session.

4. Counsellor’s Competence and Referral

When we feel that we are not able to help the clients and lack in competence, we will refer the clients to competent professionals.

5. No Dual Relationship

The relationship between us and you has to be a professional relationship alone. Any other personal relationship such as friend, relative and life partner is strictly prohibited.

6. Non-discrimination

We do not condone or engage in discrimination based on age, gender, culture, disability, ethnicity, caste, religion, and sexual orientation.

7. Abandonment Prohibited

We do not abandon or neglect clients in counselling. We assist in making appropriate arrangements for the continuation of treatment when necessary.

Still have questions? Please reach out anytime. We are happy to assist you.

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Rizwana, Founder

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For the last few yrs, I know very well that I'm in stress and depression. Because of so many hectic situations, I couldn't come out of it fully. I always think about anything and have so many unnecessary fears.. I've come across Rosy Iyenkutty, Radical Image Consulting ,as she provides counselling and came to know that she's a personal coach. I was waiting for the right time to speak with her . Because of time constraints, I couldn't speak with her. I saw her post regarding the session ' Walk on Stress'. This particular topic made me enroll as I have lived with this for so many years, I finally decided to walk on it & no more in it. She enrolled only a few members, as she wants to give attention to each and every one .She's such a sweet Darling, always with a smile on her face, which really makes her clients forget their worries. Session was super informative and she gave some nice tips. Finally I found a person, to whom I can get trained by. Waiting for my session to speak with her .Thank you so much dear

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