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Your Transformation Starts Here!

📞 Book Your Consultation Now: Seize the opportunity to elevate your life and career. Contact us today to schedule a counseling session that aligns with your aspirations.​


I believe in empowerment, You shouldn't be depending on anyone to deal with your personal issues. Talk to me and let us find a way to better mental health.
You are not born to suffer but to enjoy!

How I Can Help You

Online counselling

Book our online professional Counselling services to deal with depression, stress, Anxiety, and other issues. Seek help from the comfort of your home.

Personal Counselling for Depression and Other issues

Professional Work

Book our online career guidance program to find the best suitable career options for you with our proven psychometric evaluations.

Career Guidance and Psychometric Test

Indian Couple

Do you feel alone while still being in a relationship, Talking to our counsellors may help to cope up with your current situation. Book our online counselling session now.

Relationship Counselling


Personal Development training is the best investment that yields results for life long. We have curated the best of the best training modules with extensive research over the last decade. Our training sessions are holistic in nature that trains people in appearance, Behaviour, communication and Emotional Intelligence.

Individual Trainings

Business Meeting

ask yourself the right questions

Are you OK to accept less than a full share of love, health and success in this lifetime? 

Have you compromised and sacrificed your dreams just because you thought you were not capable?

Did you stop perusing your passion just because you must perform your duties?

How good will you feel? How joyful will you be? And fulfilling when you land your dream goal?

Lets connect, let us guide you to live a fulfilling life. Take a deep dive into the excitement and the great feeling of living the dream of your lifetime. If you want to have good attention to what you are doing, you do your best and the results are amazing.


Dream it! Wish it! Achieve it!



Best influential women entrepreneur award 2022


best entreprenuer personality development training 2022

happy Clients

Self Motivation

Manjula Devi - CEO
Rize Learning Studio, UAE

Awesome Training, Ms. Rosy curated program for bringing out the Entrepreneur in me. She is patient in answering all my queries. The major block in my mind for starting up my academy vanished after sessions with her. An energetic and knowledgeable person in her field. I wish all success to Ms. Rosy and Radical Image consultancy.

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