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We offer various Personal Development Training, pick the one that you may want us to train you. It is a perfect solution if you want to develop your skills in different areas. 

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Teaching English

Our consulting program offers a seamless blended learning system, integrating the power of complete immersion, the best of modern teaching methods, and a sophisticated curriculum you can access wherever you are. Accomplish your goals with intensive English language instruction, cultural and social activities, and personalized support from the industry’s top experts.

English Language Training


The interview handling training program focuses on developing interview skills in different interview techniques, behaviour-based examples of past performance, and setting interview questions and their value. It will also assist an individual in understanding the strategies involved in the interview process. It provides hands-on experience of the Interview environment through role-plays, including sample Interview questions, valuable tips for resume checking and interpreting non-verbal communication, and appropriate body language to be maintained during an interview process.

Interview Handling Training

Business Person

Personal development has always been a wholesome process. It is a way for people to evaluate their qualities of skills, consider their aims in life, and set goals to realize and enhance their prospects. It also helps identify the skills you need to set life goals to improve your employability prospects, raise your confidence, and lead to a more fulfilling, higher-quality life. With the help of personal development, plan to make applicable, positive, and practical life choices and determinations for the future to enable personal empowerment.

When you know your values, your inner confidence goes up and if you are confident your life decisions are easy.

Become a powerful personality and build your way to success. Talk to us.

Curated Personality Development Training

Business Meeting

Our rigorously trained facilitators deliver efficient training. Our approach is unique – we take time to consult with the management team and research the participants to ensure everyone’s capabilities and challenges are considered. Communication plays a role in every facet of a business, from customer service to employee management, from entry-level employees to C-suite team members, both internally and externally.

Communication Training


Entrepreneurship training is aimed to develop entrepreneurial competence in potential individuals. Motivating definite entrepreneurs by assisting individuals in attempting to do the appropriate activities, improve their enterprise development skills, and facilitate them economically. Technically credible project reports are the main activities of entrepreneurial training programs

Entrepreneurship Training

Team Meeting

Responsible management and leadership are essential for delivering management’s products and services. While these two roles are closely connected, they differ in demanded focus, skills, and behaviours.


Leadership is concerned with creating a notion and technique, where management focuses on getting the right work done through the right set of people. Anyhow, adequate managers need to be performed as an effective leader, whereas; effective leaders need solid management skills.

Management and Leadership Training

happy clients

Self Motivation
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Manjula Devi - CEO
Rize Learning Studio, UAE

Awesome Training, Ms. Rosy curated program for bringing out the Entrepreneur in me. She is patient in answering all my queries. The major block in my mind for starting up my academy vanished after sessions with her. An energetic and knowledgeable person in her field. I wish all success to Ms. Rosy and Radical Image consultancy.

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