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"Never put your time into the hands of the ungrateful."

"One ungrateful person does an injury to all the needy people."

Let me tell you a story about ungratefulness,

There was a boss who wanted someone to help him with this work. He found someone and appointed him. Over some time, many joined his firm.

Boss hold a heart of ungratefulness always.

The first person who joined worked all his body, mind and soul to bring out the best efforts but will be mocked by him constantly. The next idea or anything he does, the boss will be the first person to belittle him. But, this person was always so consistent in his duties, which was never recognized.

Looking at this, the person's wife was very furious with how her husband was treated by his boss. She got into an argument with her husband for turning deaf ears to all the suggestions given by her to him. He never opened his mouth to say his point to his boss and maintained silence.

One fine day the person decided to call his wife and take her on vacation. She was overjoyed at the same time; she was taken aback by his sudden plan. They planned a vacation and went on a happy trip. The wife was curious to get her answer to the question that she had in mind. (about the silence he maintains towards his boss's attitude) Before she could speak her mind, her husband responded, "I know you are upset with my behaviour towards my boss. But let me tell you something. I can explain or ask only to the people ready to listen, open for feedback, want to grow in life, and have the leadership attitude and not bosstitude." That answer was an eye-opener for her. She finally understood the point. Yes, you really cannot speak sense into someone who has got their ears closed.

Eventually, the boss ended up making a huge loss in the project just because his employees warn when he was about to make a huge mistake. All this because the boss was ungrateful and no one respects or helps an ungrateful person even if you pay them.

Now, we read how mean the boss was?

How ungrateful was he, on top of everything that was done by his employees?

He was never satisfied.

Now the question is, Are you grateful for everything in your life?

Do a check for yourself?

"the quality of your friends will determine the direction of your life."

Ungrateful people will tend to go down a slippery path.

Now be grateful for

Every day you wake up from bed; not everyone does

Every meal you eat, not everyone gets

Every roof on top of your head, not everyone has

Every breath you take on your own, not everyone can

Even at your worst, thank for something worse that didn't happen.

Every little thing you start being grateful for, the more you will cherish your life.

Practise Gratitude! Many Goodness come your way!

Coach Rosy Iyenkutty

CEO-Radical Image Consulting

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