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Why is “DECISION MAKING” Important?

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Choice is where freedom takes places and decision is where determination takes place. Effective decision making always starts from a place of choices. You need to make a conscious effort to free yourself from the fear and limitations to achieve your goals.

The reason for anyone to search something is only because they have identified that portion is missing or they wanted to equip themselves towards it. When you find out that, and realise that the decision is always for your growth and discovery nothing can stop it. After identifying that one choice you can move to the point of decision which will give you the feeling of fulfilment and alignment to your values.

Let me explain it with an example from our daily routine.

Everyone has access to the tv and remote at home. you have the CHOICE to watch anything by choosing that channel. The decision for that particular channel has some influence factors either external or internal in terms of habit, culture, education or goals. If you start focusing on this factor you will be able to decide.

  • If you want to just enjoy and relax then something like a movie or song would be your decision

  • If you want to educate yourself or if there is any upcoming event of stage presence then your choice will be something related to the program

  • If you want to know about wild life then your choice will be on the geographic channel.

We all have experienced this but we would have never got into deeper understanding of how this works. Because all our activities are spontaneous based on the way you think or you have trained. Understanding the difference between choice and decision helps your practice of identifying feelings, positive or negative, inspired choices and concrete decisions.

Questions to be asked before decision making -

  1. What's the issue I am trying to solve? it should never be the symptoms but the root cause

  2. What's the outcome I am trying to achieve? objective should be clear

  3. What are the alternatives? do your ground work to know the work ethics or the effectiveness of the choices around

  4. What are the consequences? you need to weigh yourself based on those alternatives

  5. How will I establish the things? the things you know might be only 60% but listen to your instinct

  6. How much risk can I bear? new decisions and opportunities will always appear as risk and threat only because it is NEW.

Hence, by understanding the difference between choosing and deciding, you can avoid having regrets about what you have done or not done in life. Utilize your full human potential and be the best version of yourself. Understand and appreciate the difference between choosing and deciding.

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